The AS212900 network originates the following IPv6 prefixes:

  • 2a01:67c:abc::/48, which is used for my personal network
  • 2a06:a005:ba9::/48, which is used for testing purposes


The AS212900 network has four different transit providers (ordered by AS number):

  • AS6939 (Hurricane Electric)
  • AS41051 (Freetransit Project)
  • AS202550 (GLU Technologies)
  • AS211227 (Javier Hurtado Nuno)

Here is a diagram of the AS212900 network upstream connectivity as of January 2023:


AS212900 network connectivity

I would like to take the chance to acknowledge all ASs listed above for providing transit to AS212900 at no cost.


Currently AS212900 is not peering with any other network. If you are interested in peering with AS212900, please check the contact page.